Personal Colour consultation​​
Colours are electromagnetic wavelength that travels from the sun. It is invisible wavelength and energy that has physical, emotional and psychological effect on us.

We all have different colours and vibrations that would uplift or depress our "colour" depends on colours we chose, and colour of hair, eyes and tone of skin.
Wear colours that don't suit your own unique personality, style and physical colouring, and it could have a very negative effect on your mood and on those around you. Choose the right colours for you and they can give you more energy, help you to feel happy and attractive and help you to be more focused, which in turn will mean you are taken more seriously at work.

The biggest challenge for any man or woman building his/her wardrobe is to establish his/her own personal style. Ideally, that can be adapted to current fashions, but sadly, many opt simply to follow fashion slavishly and never really find out about their own unique personality and style. Reconciling the desire to be fashionable with the need to feel comfortable and confident is more often than not a question of colours. During a personal consultation we will explore your personality, your colour preferences and your likes and dislikes in a variety of social situations; from this we can draw up your personal palette of colours that will best support you for every eventuality.

Consultation duration: Approximately 2.5 - 3 hours
Cost: £50
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