Price List

Home Visit 
Burough of Hackney

£50 for 45mins

£60 for 60mins

£70  for 75mins

Home vist offer for Burough of Hackney. I offer Home Visit Treatment especially for Pregnancy and Post natal Reflexology 

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Home Visit Zone 1
North Zone 2-3 
East Zone 3

£65  for 60mins

£75  for 75mins

Home vist offer for Zone 1, North London Zone 2-3, East London Zone 3. 

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Highgate N6
Treatment Room

£45  for 45mins

£60  for 60mins

£75  for 75mins

£90  for 90mins

£110  for 120mins

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in N1 - Thursdays 

£58  for 60mins

£70  for 75mins

£80  for 90mins

£95 for 120mins

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Treatments during weekends and evenings after 7pm can be available with extra charge of £10 per visit depends on my schedule. Please feel free to contact me at any time when you are in need of blissful time off.   

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Labour Assistant

60mins + £20/hr 
from next hr 

I offer reflexology to assisit the early stage of labour. It stimulates the release of oxytocin by the body to encouraging the onset of uterine contractions naturally, and also it helps for pain management during the labour. 

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Low Cost Clinic
The Healthy Living Centre - N1

For those who are receiving income support or on very low income, I am offering low cost clinic. Please contact me for availability. 

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