Reflexology for Addiction 
Do you want to let go of the old habit that is not serving you anymore and ready to let it go? It could be regular intake of substances that change your mood, i.e alcohol, nicotine, sugar or other substances. Or it could be certain actions that trigger certain chemicals in your brain, i.e eating, shopping, sex, social media. It could even be habitual thought patterns that is limiting you to create the life you want. 

Blockages of energy within the body, often a result of addiction, illness or stress, prevent the body from functioning at its best. When a trained reflexologist works on a particular area, the stimulation helps to release the blockages. Health and well-being are improved by the free flow of energy throughout the entire system.
Reflexology also improves blood circulation, which promotes the healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. The treatment is beneficial in recovery of substance abuse and addiction because it helps remove toxins in the blood, which results in fewer cravings and reduces symptoms of withdrawal. Clients often report an instant feeling of relaxation, reduction of anxiety, increased energy and an overall sense of wellbeing after the first session, which makes it easy for them to engage in further sessions.

Reflexology is not a cure for addiction or a substitute for therapy. However, it is an effective complement to a holistic addiction treatment. 

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Cost: £240

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