Reflexology For Change & Grounding
Change is the only consistant thing in the universe, but it is one of the most difficult thing for human beings to cope with. 

Becasue change often means "death". Death of entities that you are used to. Close one's death as they decide to leave you. Death of your identiy as you have been made redundant from certain activity or you had to leave becasue your body would not allow it anymore. 

Imagine you are balancing and walking on the rope with your belongings. If you lose one of the belongings all of the sudden you would lose the balance. Even you have intentionally throw away some of the belongings because they were too heavy to carry on, you still would lose the balance when you drop some of them.  

That's when we need to bring focus on our feet literally to be grounded in your body. Feet are the plave where you touch your ground and support your physical existance on the earth with this finely tuned gravity that makes all the life possible.

Whenever you feel thrown emotionaly, bringing awareness to your feet and where they are touching with ground make you feel so much calmer and grounded. Reflexology could help through these challenging time in our lives. Because reflexology is all about bringing you back the balance. It helps the body and mind to come to homeostatis when we are trying to comprehend the change and trying to figure out the new balance. 

Also reflexology promotes Serotonin - famous will power molecule that is so important to help challenging times. We need to feel hopeful, happy and confident to bring focus to positive and be constructive thoughts and action and able to manage delay of gratification to be able to stick to well formed plan. 

If you've lost something or somebody you loved it's very hard to accept and move on which delays recovery and re-balancing. Please try holistic therapy such as reflexology before going for anti depressant pills which only targets the symptom.

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