Reflexology For Hormonal Re-balance
Do you suffer from mood swing, loss of libido, persistence weight gain and loss of muscle, persistence acne, digestion problem, insomnia, fatigue, memory fog, sweating, craving and infertility? In both women and men, hormone levels need to be finely tuned in order to maintain optimal health. If the scales are tipped too much in one direction or another, these symptoms will alert us that chemical balance within our body and mind is out of tune! 
The most frequent causes of hormonal imbalance are nutritional deficiencies, medication, contraceptive pills and stress. Of these, stress is probably the most common.
I work on reflex points for whole body to bring back natural chemical balance with focus on endocrine glands and reproductive systems. Benefits of reflexology are directly or indirectly connected to the restoration of hormonal and chemical balance of the body. 

Hormonal Re-balance Course

2 Months Reflexology programme

4 x 60 mins

Cost: £240

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