Detox & Lose Weight & Energy Boost
Do you feel sluggish, tired and low energy and lacks that life force and vitality? Detoxing your system brings your body back into homeostasis and maxmises your ability to heal phisically, emotinally, mentally and spiritually. When your body is toxic on a physical level, it can cause fluctuations in thought and mood, sometimes making you feel down, de-motivated and cranky. 
Reflexology has been proven to be extremely potent in helping to remove toxins from the body by increasing circulatory and lymphatic movement on a very physical level and so delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your body on a cellular level. 

Increasing circulatory and lymphatic movement speeds up the exit of unwanted substances in the body from the appropriate organs. Thoughts are also energy. Receiving reflexology is non invasive and deeply relaxing which gives your mind a chance to let go of all the thoughts and drift into the healing rest. Emptying the mind full of toxic thought patterns which influences our perception constantly.

 Moon Cycle Detox Course

1-2months of Reflexology programme
4 x 60 mins

+ 1 month supply of  Raw Noni Fruits Leather

Cost: £240 

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